Instructions: DIR Electronic Certified Payroll Record (eCPR) Upload

Prevailing Wage Document: DIR Electronic Certified Payroll Record (eCPR) Upload
Frequency of Submitting Form: Weekly
Updated: March 27, 2017


All contractors and subcontractors on public works projects awarded on or after August 1, 2016, must use the DIR electronic system to furnish electronic certified payroll records (eCPRs)to the Labor Commissioner.  Contractors and subcontractors who had previously been submitting PDF copies of their CPRs for Public Works Projects to clients and / or jurisdictions can continue to do so and now must now adhere to this requirement  by furnishing eCPRs to the DIR site as well.


Below is a step by step process of how to enter Payroll Online (eCPRs) for contractors to use on Public Works Projects.

  1. Click the following link below to get started with the application process:
  2. Select either “Enter Payroll Online” or “Submit Payroll in XML File” (For the purpose of this instruction sheet, select “Enter Payroll Online”)
    • If your payroll is in XML format or you would like to convert it to such, please click on the link below for tips and instructions
  3. On the next page, enter the Public Works Contractor Registration Number (PWCR) in the field provided, then click on the “Go” icon:
    • Public works contractors must register in order to bid or work on public works projects.
    • Click the link below to search your contractor registration information easily.
    • If you have not yet been required to register, enter the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or sole owner’s SSN.
    • Select the “Go” icon
  4. The page will reload with the Contractor information that is attached to the PWCR Number/FEIN :
    • Verify that the information in the fields provided is correct.
    • Select the “Next” icon
  5. Project Information section will load:
    • Enter the DIR Project ID
      • Project ID Number is issued by the public entity that awards the contract
      • If no ID Number was provided, click on “DIR Project ID Lookup” or use the link below to search for the Public Works Project
      • If Project ID still cannot be found, contact the Awarding Body
  6. Once the project ID is entered you will be prompted to select with whom the contract is with from a drop-down menu:
    • Select the “Go” icon
    • Project details will automatically populate with the corresponding information
    • Verify that the project details are accurate
  7. Enter Payroll Information:
    • Make sure “Weekly” is selected in the Reporting Type
    • Provide the date of the last day the payroll report covers in the Week Ending field (Typically this date will fall on a Sunday)
    • Check the box next to “Statement of Non Performance” if no work was performed the week of this payroll report
      • Employee and Payroll Information are not required for a Statement of Non-Performance. If selected, move on to section 10.
    • Check the box next to “Final Payroll” if work is complete and there will be no future payroll reports to follow
    • Enter the Contractor Payroll Number
      • This should be consecutive numbering, beginning with the number one (‘1”) for the first week of the start date.
      • If you are entering an “Amendment” to a weekly CPR previously entered, make sure to note it in the “Payroll Number Field” by entering a “-1” following the payroll number (ex. Amendment to payroll number one would be listed as “1-1”).
  8. Scroll down to enter Weekly Reporting:
    • Enter Employee Information: Name, Address, and SSN
    • Enter the hours, craft and hourly rates of pay (base+fringe+training)
    • Enter any Notes, Travel & Subsistence, and Total Deductions pertaining to this employee
  9. Select “Add Employee:
    • Continue to enter the information listed in Section 8 for each employee that performed work the week of the referenced payroll report.
    • Click Add Employee after each entry until all employees have been accounted for
      • To edit any of the employees entered, flip to the payroll screen of the employee to be edited by clicking “<<” or “>>” button.
      • To completely remove an employee from the current payroll record, click the “Remove Employee” icon.
  10. Complete the certification section at the bottom of the page
    • Enter your Name
    • Enter your Title
    • Enter the name of your Business and/or Contractor
    • Select the “Click and Sign” icon to submit
    • After each successful submission, a confirmation page is displayed and can be printed out.

Other Helpful Information

Note: If amending a payroll record already submitted, you need only resubmit the payroll records for the employee(s) which need correction.