Stay updated on evolving prevailing wage regulations impacting the construction industry. AB 1851 extends prevailing wage rules to drivers involved in hauling materials for paving, grading, and fill on public works sites. Eligible drivers must seamlessly integrate their work into the construction process, including delivering materials like hot asphalt. AB…
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Mitigation Banks: Our Expertise in Offsetting CEQA impacts

Mitigation banks play a crucial role in addressing unavoidable impacts to natural resources caused by proposed activities or developments, such as flora, fauna, and aquatic resources. Their purpose is to ensure that any ecological loss is compensated through the preservation and restoration of wetlands, natural habitats, streams, and more in…
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Pavement Management Services – benefits residential and commercial associations.

Now is the perfect time to start planning! The Murow DC Team provides independent Pavement Management Services.  Your project/construction manager will provide objective analysis, street/asphalt plan, oversight of the project budget to ensure the quality of the finished project. By starting early in the pavement and resurfacing improvement planning process, a…
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The Importance of Having an Updated Cost Estimate

Construction projects are complex endeavors that require careful planning and coordination. One of the most critical aspects of a successful construction project is having accurate and updated cost estimates. Unfortunately, construction costs are subject to frequent changes, making it necessary to obtain updated cost estimates throughout the duration of the…
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Need To Know – LADWP Padmounts General Clearances

For any large electric service request (and typically for most commercial and large residential projects) Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (“LADWP”) requires a transformer to be placed inside private property.  Such transformer can be placed on either: a transformer pad or in a subterranean vault with each setting…
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Mitigation Banks

When used: Mitigation banks are used to offset unavoidable impacts to a natural resource due to a proposed activity or development i.e., flora, fauna, aquatic resources, etc. This ensures that ecological loss is compensated by the preservation and restoration of wetlands, natural habitats, streams, etc. in other areas so that…
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