Benefits of Consultant Support for your Projects

Why spend money on a project manager for your paving project or any project for that matter? An independent project manager will provide objective analysis and oversight of the project budget as well as the quality of the finished project. As you begin your community street pavement and resurfacing improvement process,…
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Alternative Housing Trends: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? Exactly what the name implies; these are structures built on the same lot as separate, typically larger, single-family detached dwellings (SFDs). ADUs are fully self-sufficient dwellings with the same necessities found in SFDs, Condominiums, Apartments, etc. ADUs vary in size, but with zoning…
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Components of an Improvement Bond

When people typically think of an improvement bond they think it is solely in place for the purpose of getting the bonded scope of work completed to the satisfaction of whichever agency is the holder of the bond (also known as the “obligee”).  This is certainly true, but there are…
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SoCalGas Meter Locations

Determining the correct location of gas meters is an often-overlooked step. Gas meter specifications and requirements, while not as seemingly daunting as other utilities, can become a hindrance if not planned for in advance. Meter set assemble requirements (as shown in the exhibit) encompass the meter, riser, fittings, etc., and…
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Real Estate Development – ALTA Survey: Needed or Not?

The process of acquiring property requires significant research (Due Diligence) and is typically an expensive endeavor. An important Due Diligence tool is procuring an ALTA Survey. This is not a legal requirement; however, it is required if the desire is to have ALTA title insurance coverage for Survey Risks (aka…
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Plan Ahead with Public Bidding

All agencies have different demands when it comes to their public bidding requirements. Certain agencies have a very lengthy review process and some only require a courtesy copy. Knowing what to expect when it comes to Public Bidding is extremely important to ensure your project is a success from the…
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AB 930 – A Contractor’s Sigh of Relief

California Government Code 4216 prescribes the requirements for various excavation activities. Among other things, it outlines an excavator’s obligation to notify the appropriate regional notification center PRIOR to any planned excavation, and the operator’s requirements to participate and share in the costs of such notification centers (excluding the Department of…
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Department of Real Estate Budgets and Process (DRE) 101

Did you know…. Murow DC provides Budget Document Management and Processing to support your team’s Department of Real Estate (DRE) requirements.  Here’s a quick overview of the process: The DRE’s main role is to protect the homebuyer from misrepresentations and fraud as well as ensure that Developers are properly disclosing…
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