Construction Management

Murow Development Consultants’ Construction Management Services enhance the management and administrative practices of any construction project. Our Construction Management Specialists are goal oriented, problem solvers. This allows our clients to procure the benefits of cost savings and avoidance of delays and complications. Murow Development Consultants core group of Senior Construction Managers average nearly forty years in the industry.

Having a single point of contact, with their eyes and ears on the job, to manage your land development or infrastructure construction project is priceless. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your job is completed on time and within budget. Without a team of trained professionals that can be held accountable, your project can run into costly delays, site hazards, over-spending and needless liability. Murow Development Consultants’ team of construction management consultants are highly experienced in  mass grading and erosion control jobs, sewage, drain, and water system installations, dry utilities, street improvements, and landscaping.

Our Services Include:

  • Review and adhere to plans and specifications
  • Scheduling of Pre-Construction, During Construction, Post-Construction activities
  • Engage with Contractors and agencies
  • Enforce contract compliance
  • Agency inspection coordination and testing
  • Daily Report Documentation
  • Erosion control & SWPPP Compliance
  • Project closeout documentation, punch list, and bond exoneration
  • Work with agency and contractor(s) to finalize and complete the punch list and turnover to the agency for maintenance
  • Mechanic liens and impairment analysis

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Labor Compliance

The function of labor compliance is to follow state labor laws that require certain actions and procedures to be adhered to during the entire progress of public works construction projects. Murow Development Consultants can monitor, verify, and maintain your compliance with the ever-changing standards of the Department of Industrial Relations and prevailing wage requirements. Murow Development Consultants’ team not only offers experience and knowledge but also has built relationships within the Labor Law Divisions. Murow Development Consultants’ Labor Compliance Oversight is a service provided to both public and private entities involved in the constructing of public infrastructure improvements that are subject to State prevailing wage requirements.

The State Labor Law requires certain actions and procedures to be adhered to during the entire process of the public works construction project. This includes bid administration, submission of Electronic Certified Payroll Reports (eCPRs), and verification of prevailing wage rates for the duration of the project.

Our Services Include:

  • Consulting
  • Determination of Accurate Wage Rates
  • Collect Necessary forms from Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Audit Certified Payroll Reports
  • Formulate and Assist with Completion of Forms
  • Verify Submittals of Required Forms (DAS 140, 142, CAC2)
  • E-file CPRs to DIR website
  • Field Observance and Interviews

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Aerial Documentation

Tracking a job site’s progress on a frequent basis is crucial to keeping a project running smoothly, on schedule and on budget.  Murow Development Consultants’ Aerial Drone Documentation services are on the cutting-edge of technology, offering our clients a unique opportunity to monitor and summarize their projects in an advanced, polished way. Aerial Drone Documentation provides constant progress monitoring, pre, during, and post-construction by utilizing the best aerial technology and camera system equipment available. Aerial documentation for the construction industry can be used for inspections, aerial view studies, 360 degree panoramic virtual tours, construction planning, progress monitoring and reporting, marketing, surveying, and other applications.

Benefits of Aerial/Flight Documentation:

  • Keep Projects On-Track and On-Budget by Having Access to Up-To-Date Data
  • Aerial/Flight Documentation Increases Productivity by Connecting the Field with the Office
  • Enhances Progress Monitoring by Providing Real-Time Reports
  • Establishes Client as an Innovative Industry Leader and Communicating or Elaborating More Effectively.
  • Track Assets and Mark-Up Photos
  • Access and Document Areas That Are Difficult to Reach
  • Limit your Liability and Risk by Documenting Every Step of the Project

Our Aerial Drone Documentation services include:

  • Flights Throughout the Project Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly, Capturing the Site’s Progress at Each Stage. Custom Aerial Documentation Scheduling is Available as Well.
  • Compiling, Editing, and Polishing the Video Footage to Produce a Final Project Video that is Client Ready.
  • Aerial Photo Documentation
  • Map/Plan Overlay
  • 3-D Modeling

The final project videos are perfect to put on websites, emails, or other marketing materials to establish your company as an industry leader. Our clients can securely access and share their final product via Murow Development Consultants website portal.

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Site Assessments

The success of a project is often based on its ability to stay on track, meet predetermined deadlines, and remain within budget. The site assessment process plays a critical role in assuring services and/or improvements are being carried out in accordance to the contract. Performing competent and thorough site assessments throughout the project is a vital element to having a successful project.  These site assessments should be carried out correctly by individuals with specific experience and qualifications who have good judgment and the ability to communicate well in the field.

Murow Development Consultants offers a range of site assessment services for various scopes of work involving horizontal improvements.  Murow Development Consultants’ team of site assessment specialists conduct proper site assessments and providing accurate and detailed documentation, as necessary, throughout the project.

We assist lenders and/or equity partners during the loan process whose interest is in keeping their loan secure along with builders and public agencies by ensuring projects assessed are built on-time and according to the plans and specifications. We act essentially as our client’s eyes and ears on-site looking out for our client’s interests while generating reports to keep clients up to date as the project(s) progresses.

Our Services Include:

  • Site assessment and oversight of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications
  • Observation of Contractor’s activity inspection and documentation
  • Assessor’s daily report preparation
  • Examination of quality of installation for conformity of standards and specifications
  • Interpret drawings and specifications and discuss any deviations
  • Active participation in project meetings
  • Contractor’s schedule monitoring
  • Monitoring and documentation of materials delivered and incorporated into the work
  • Assistance with changer order review and completion
  • Assistance with semi-final/final inspections
  • Punch list preparation and completion monitoring
  • Assistance with smooth and timely project close-out

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