Credits & Reimbursements

Murow Development Consultants is a leader in the land development community providing superior Credit and Reimbursement services. We provide expert guidance in the world of land secured financing and work diligently to mitigate risks and maximize our client’s abilities to obtain the available credits and/or reimbursements involved.

We’ve established ourselves as a group that serves with Integrity, Transparency, Collaboration, Commitment, and Efficiency.

Integrity – We do what’s best for all parties involved. We align our goals with our clients to execute for them, but we also serve as stewards to the funding programs to ensure the funds are spent responsibly.

Transparency – We showcase work that is honest and upfront – assisting program leads to make well-informed decisions when determining eligible / non-eligible costs.

Collaboration – We stay in-tune with those representatives, serving as the liaison between the public entities and regional organization. Working together to maximize credit and reimbursement opportunities while maintaining trust and teamwork.

Efficiency – Our deliverable platform is streamlined utilizing each project’s unique funding agreement. Our clients can also benefit from having a network of inter-related services available such as Public Bid Administration, Prevailing Wage Labor Compliance, and Construction Management – thus creating a seamless transition of project documentation while bringing additional support and expert knowledge as an extension to their teams. This foundation results in more accurate reporting and leads to faster turnaround rates.

Areas of Expertise / Program Experience:

  • TIF (Tax Increment Financing)
  • PID (Public Improvement District)
  • MUD (Municipal Utility District)

Services include:

  • Credit/Reimbursement Agreements
  • Cost Validation and Reconciliation
  • Bond Sizing Analysis
  • Credit/Reimbursement Lookback for Legacy Projects
  • Unclaimed Property Refunds
  • Assumption/Assignment of Excess Impact Fee Credits

To learn more, contact Tim Markel, Director of Credits & Reimbursements at:

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

The Murow Development Consultants Expert Services Division provides litigation support and expert witness services on all aspects of land development improvements, public and private works, street and underground improvements and building construction. Expert Services also offers professional advice on land use concerns and due diligence matters.

Expert Services Include:

  • Expert witness testimony in mediation, arbitration and in the courtroom
  • Case development and complete litigation support and case management
  • Facilitation of equitable settlement agreements
  • Opine on the cost of repair, cost to complete, probable cost of future development
  • Opine on historical cost for specific abandonment and termination dates
  • Damage assessments and cost analysis
  • Quantity verification and analysis
  • Contract and change order dispute resolution
  • Standard of care for Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Construction Managers, and Inspectors
  • Contractor safety procedures and operations
  • Delay and acceleration claims

Expertise Includes:

  • Earthwork & Mass Grading
  • Underground Construction
  • Construction Safety Accidents
  • Shoring Failure Causation
  • Landslide Causation and Repair Costs
  • Land Development & Building Issues
  • Building Envelope Defects Analysis
  • Presentation of Damages and Associated Repair Costs
  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural)
  • Architectural Issues
“This Neutral Arbitrator has never quite seen the total dissembling of a cost to repair expert as that accomplished at trial by Claimants expert, Mr. Steven Murow.”

– Hon. Robert J. Polis (Ret.) – Neutral Arbitrator

To learn more about the Expert Witness and Litigation Support Division, contact Steven Murow at: