Instructions: DAS 140 Form

Prevailing Wage Document: Public Works Contract Award Information (Form 140)
Frequency of Submitting Form: One-Time Submittal
Updated: May 16, 2016


The Public Works Contract Award Information (DAS Form 140) is a form of declaration of a contractor being awarded a public works project. The form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Joint Apprenticeship Committee (“JAC”) for each apprenticeable trade and / or craft each Contractor will employ on the project (Note: It is necessary to send out a separate DAS Form 140 for each trade).

This form must be sent to the JAC immediately 2 and must be submitted to the Owner (or administrator) prior to the start of the project. It must not be sent after the project is completed as it would not eliminate or reduce exposure for any penalties.

The contract award information must be sent to the Apprenticeship Committee if you (the contractor) are approved to train. If you (contractor) are NOT approved to train, you must send the information to ALL applicable Apprenticeship Committees for your craft or trade in the area of the public works project.

No work on the project will be permitted until this form has been completed and forward to the JAC. The Form 140 and Form 142 must be transmitted (mailed, faxed, emailed) separately and proof of delivery is required for each form transmitted.


Below are the noted instructions to correctly fill out the DAS 140 Form with the State of California:

1. Complete the top portion with your company and project information:

  • Name of Company
  • Address of Company
  • Name and Address of Public Works project (cross streets can be used if no address is available)
  • Company’s Contractor’s License Number
  • Phone Number
  • Date of executed contract
  • Date of expected (or actual start) of project

2. Indicate an estimate of journeyperson hours to be performed on the project and the number of apprentices you anticipate to employ.

3. Include the approximate date you expect the apprentices to start work on the project as well as the occupation (i.e. Laborer).

4. Indicate where the DAS 140 Form is being sent to and list out name and addresses of each apprenticeship program(s).

5. Check the appropriate box (1, 2 or 3) for the company’s status on the lower portion of the form:

  • Box 1 is for contractors who are already approved to train by an apprenticeship program (signatory / member).
  • Box 2 indicates that a contractor is willing to comply with a program’s Standards for the current project only. This generally means that the fringe benefits and the training funds will be paid to that Committee’s Trust Fund. It also allows a contractor to take advantage of a more generous maximum ratio than the CAC Standards, but does not affect the minimum ratio of (1) apprentice hour for every (5) journeyman hours.
  • Box 3 means that a contractor will be governed by the regulations of the California Apprenticeship Council. Generally this means that the minimum and maximum ratio for apprentices is the same – (1) apprentice hour for every (5) journeyman hours per each craft, totaled at the end of the project. It also means the Training Fund Contribution is usually paid to the California Apprenticeship Council.

6. Sign and date the form at the bottom. Include this person’s printed name and title.

7. Transmit form to the noted apprenticeship programs | JAC immediately.

8. Submit a copy of this completed form to the Owner (or administrator) prior to the start of the project as well as proof of delivery.

Other Helpful Information

Below is the link for helpful answers to various questions pertaining to the CA DIR Form 140: