Instructions: Statement of Non Performance

Prevailing Wage Document: Statement of Non Performance (“SNP”)
Frequency of Submitting Form: Weekly Submittal
Updated: March 1, 2017


In the event there has been no work performed during a given week on the project, the Statement of Non-Performance (“SNP”) can be filled out for that week. A subcontractor must submit a SNP or Certified Payroll Report for each week on the job until their scope of work is complete. The SNP will indicate the payroll number it represents for the week that no work was performed.


  1. Insert the Payroll Number:
    • This number will be successive with the payroll number listed on the previous week’s Certified Payroll Report Number or Statement of Non-Performance.
  2. Insert Information pertaining to the body of the Statement of Non-Performance:
    • Type or print the in the first and last Name the Authorized Signatory Person and hit the “tab” button.
    • Type or print the Title of the Authorized Signatory Person and hit the “tab” button.
    • Type or print the Name of the Contractor and hit the “tab” (Contractor name is that as it appears on the executed contract.)
    • Insert the Name of the Project as it appears on the executed contract.
    • Insert payroll period the SNP covers:
      1. First day (“DD”), month (spell out), and year (“YYYY”)
      2. Last day (“DD), month (spell out), and year (“YYYY”)
  3. Sign and Date the form in order to complete the Statement of Non Performance.

Other Helpful Information

Each Statement of Non-Performance (“SNP”) shall not include more than seven consecutive days.  If the contractor knows ahead of time they will be not performing work for multiple week endings, the contractor may elect to submit several SNP’s projecting the weeks they will not be on the job.

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