Instructions: Training Fund Contributions

Prevailing Wage Document: Training Fund Contributions – California ApprenticeshipCouncil (Form CAC-2)
Frequency of Submitting Form: Monthly Submittal – Non-Union Only
Updated: January 11, 2017


Contractors who do not contribute to an approved apprenticeship program (i.e. Non-Union contractors) must submit their contributions (training fees) to the California Apprenticeship Council (“CAC”) using the Form CAC-2 on a monthly basis. Union contractors submit training fees to their appropriate union trust fund and therefore receive “full” credit in the amount of those contributions. The CAC Form 2 should be mailed to:

California Apprenticeship Council (CAC)
PO Box 420603
San Francisco, CA 94142-0603

“Training” is a fringe benefit that is not paid to the worker. Instead, this fee is sent to the CAC to fund statewide apprenticeship programs to ensure the availability of apprentices in the construction industry. Non-union contractors are required to pay training fees to the CAC by the 15 th of each month for work performed during the proceeding month, during the duration of the project. A copy of the completed form and check must be submitted.


1. Fill in the Contractor / Sub Contractor’s information:

  • Name and address
  • Contractor’s License Number

2. Fill in the Public Agency / Awarding Body’s information:

  • Name and Address

3. Fill in the Project information:

  • Contract and / or Project Number
  • Jobsite Location (i.e. cross streets, address, tract number, etc.)

4. Fill in the time you are submitting on on (“From Date – To Date” in the field Period Covered by Contribution)

5. List the Contribution information:

  • Each Classification of workers listed on the Certified Payroll Reports during this time period
  • Description of Work Performed by this Classification
  • Total Hours worked under each Classification
  • Hourly Contribution Rate for each classification
  • Fill in the Amount calculated by multiplying the Hourly Contribution Rate by the total number of hours worked
  • Fill in the Total Amount of Contribution(s) being paid for noted month by adding the Amount(s) listed for each Classification referenced.

6. Fill in your information and Sign:

  • Sign form
  • Print (clearly) or type your name next to your signature
  • Enter Date form signed
  • Type in Title
  • Type in Telephone Number

Other Helpful Information

Below is the link for helpful answers to various questions pertaining to the Training Fund Contributions – California Apprenticeship Council (Form CAC- 2):