Project Summary

Murow Development Consultants has expertly managed the Bedford project in the City of Corona, delivering both Construction Management and Project Management services. This project encompasses 75 acres. The Murow Development Services team oversaw the installation of a variety of onsite and offsite improvements, including managing the bid process for all trades, and general contracting for all improvements. These improvements included grading, retaining walls, sewer, storm drain, water, street/hardscapes, and dry utilities. The project featured the construction of a bridge, seamlessly connecting phases 2A and 2B of the Bedford project, along with the creation of two dog parks for the community.

In addition to managing these improvements, our team efficiently assisted Pacific Ventures with administrative services such as; bid administration and site purchasing, reimbursements, as well as labor compliance. Our expertise in seamlessly navigating through various governmental agencies such as The City of Corona, Riverside County Flood Control, SoCal Gas, Southern California Edison, AT&T, Riverside County Fire, and County of Riverside Transportation, has successfully guided the project through the complexities of county codes, permits, and regulations. Through meticulous project administration services, encompassing value engineering, scheduling, and documentation, Murow DC has consistently upheld project efficiency and organization.

Services Involved:

  • Owner Rep., Project Management
  • Bid Administration
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Labor Compliance
  • CFD Reimbursement

Project Start

Project End

Project Value
$30 Million (Phase 2A & 2B)

Bid Administration: Erica Langham
Project Manager: Jeff Lloyd
Construction Manager: Kevin Brookman
Labor Compliance: Teresa Osso

Pacific Ventures Management LLC

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