Dove Canyon Various Roadway Rehabilitation/Drainage

Project Summary

Due to Murow Development Consultants’ outstanding experience and past successes at providing services related to roadway rehabilitation, Murow Development Consultants was selected by the Dove Canyon Master Association in Southern Orange County to provide Bid Administration Services and full-time Construction Management Services for roadway rehabilitation and drainage projects within the community for the past 4 years.

Services Involved:

  • Bid Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management

Project Start
January 2014

Project End
January 2018

Project Value
$3.8 Million

Bid administration: Erica Langham
Project Manager: Erica Langham
Construction Manager: Kevin Rhodes
Construction Manager: Mike Irvin

Dove Canyon Master Association c/o Seabreeze Management Company

Canyon Lake Pavement Rehabilitation
Sonrisas Wall Repair & Various Improvements