Eastside Water Treatment Facility

Project Summary

Construction of underground utilities & pipeline, and connection into the New Water Treatment Facility. Murow Development Consultants oversaw and managed four different contractors as well as multiple equipment vendors on this complex project. EWTF was built as a Community Facilities District (CFD) Reimbursement Facility. Tasks performed by the Team: Conducted Weekly Project Progress and Logistics Meetings; Review and Comment of Contractor’s Schedule Updates; Change Order Analysis, Monitoring and Negotiation; Billing Review and Approval; RFI Tracking; Submittal Tracking; Certified Payroll Collection; Contract Compliance and Agency Coordination and Liaison Services.

Components/Tasks Managed:

  • Site Grading and Improvements, Landscaping
  • Construction of Ion Exchange Nitrate Removal Facility
  • Procurement of ISEP System
  • Procurement of Brine Equipment
  • Construction of Welded Steel Reservoir
  • 11,000 LF 18” Raw Water Pipeline
  • Drill and Develop Municipal Well
  • SCADA and Instrumentation

Services Involved:

  • Bid Administration
  • Construction Management and Scheduling
  • Construction Inspection

Project Start
July 2014

Project End
December 2015

Project Value
$16.5 Million

Project Manager: Dennis Lorton
Construction Manager: Bob Weber
Bid Administration: Erica Langham

City of Chino

Lennar Homes

Five Knolls