Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority

Project Summary

The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority Trail Rehabilitation and Drainage Improvements Project is designed to repair the eroded, multi-purpose trail and control the flow of water for future storm events. The project is located in the Hollywood Hills off the famous Hollywood Boulevard. The trail grading includes benching of the trail in eroded areas, regrading an approved cross-fall slope, and installation of a swale with rip rap energy dissipaters. Drainage improvements includes the removal and replacement of 500 LF of asphalt berm and paving, the installation of a 24” cast in place trench drain, rip rap dissipaters, slope repair for a detention basin, and a 6-foot Redi-Rock block wall.

Services Involved:

  • Drainage Improvements
  • Trail Grading

Project Start
December 2014

Project End
January 2015

Contract Value
*Rendered within schedule & budget

Construction/Project Manager: Mike Irvin
Field Engineer: James Nelson

Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority

Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy

Newlin & Washington Avenue Sewer Main Replacements
Gobernadora Multipurpose Basin