Newlin & Washington Avenue Sewer Main Replacements

Project Summary

The project consists of the reconstruction of all existing sewer manholes within the sewer mainline improvement limits and sewer improvements including applicable shoring per OSHA and City standards; the reconstruction of asphalt paving, PCC pavement and concrete gutters per plans; removing the existing 6” diameter VCP sewer mainline and replacing with new 8” PVC sewer mainline and replacing existing VCP sewer laterals with new 6” PVC laterals connecting to existing VCP. All work performed, including all incidentals, completed in accordance with the project plans and specifications for the Whittier Utility Authority, Public Works Department.

COMPLETION OF WORK: Within ninety (60) working days after date set forth in the Notice to Proceed.

Components/Tasks Managed:

  • Sewer line pipe removal
  • Sewer line pipe new construction
  • Utility inspection
  • Materials inspection
  • Construction documentation

Services Involved:

  • Construction Management
  • Site Assessments/Inspection

Project Start
April 2018

Project End
June 2018

Project Value

Sr. Project Manager: Scott Porterfield

City of Whittier

Diamond Street Slope Stabilization
Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority