Ontario Ranch Logistics Center

Project Summary

Real Estate Development Associates (REDA) doing business as Ontario Land Ventures LLC is developing a 125 acre site in Ontario. The first of 6 buildings is a 1.2 million square foot premium warehouse building including all onsite infrastructure. In addition to the onsite improvements REDA is improving the surrounding City and Private offsite infrastructure including reconstructing Merrill Ave., Carpenter Ave. and building Eucalyptus Ave. and Hellman Ave. totaling over 9,400LF of new roadway excavation and street construction, 2,260LF of double 12’ X 10’ RCB & 750LF of 11’ X 6’ RCB Storm Drain, over 5,000LF of new sewer construction, reconstruction of 2,680LF of 30” CML/C IEUA Recycled Water main, over 26,000LF of new water construction, approximately 9,500LF of dry utility construction, four new traffic signal intersection imp’s, widening of Merrill Ave. bridge at Cucamonga Creek and the new bridge construction at Eucalyptus Ave. and Cucamonga Creek

Murow Development Consultants partnered with REDA providing bid administration, PM/CM, labor compliance documentation and DIF reimbursement for the majority of improvements. The collaboration of multiple Owners, Cities and are some of the points of emphasis that Murow Development Consultants is managing.

Services Involved:

  • Owner Rep., Project Management
  • Bid Administration
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Labor Compliance
  • DIF Reimbursement

Project Start
August 2018

Project End

Project Value
$40 Million

Bid Administration: Erica Langham
Project Manager: Scott Porterfield
Construction Manager: Jason Greenman / Andrew Mulano
Labor Compliance: Teresa Osso / Nicole Del Giacco


Cow Camp Road Bridge