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Agile Methods in Construction Management

When used properly agile methods can be used in the construction industry to constantly check and adapt the deliverables to changes in the market. Although construction follows a more inflexible procedure, there are still benefits to adopting a more agile construction management method. We need to know the following about…
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Penalty Increase Beginning January 1, 2016

DIR Public Works Contract Registration Penalty Increase Beginning January 1, 2016 The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) announced on December 8, 2015 that a mandatory renewal deadline is rapidly approaching for contractors who bid or work on public works projects in California. Contractors whose public works contractor registration expired June 30, 2015,…
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2016 Construction Forecast

2016 Construction Forecast According to Dodge Data and Analytics, new construction in 2016 is expected to grow 6% to $712 billion in comparison with an estimated 13% in 2015. This increase is for housing, commercial and institutional building sectors, while public works is unchanged from 2015 due to a slight…
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El Nino Blog

To say that we are expecting a wet winter in Southern California is somewhat of an understatement. In the last full El Niño of 1997-1998, we experienced rainfall up to 24 inches from January through March.  The El Niño we are expecting this winter may very well bring us rainfall that equals that of the 97-98 El Nino, as predicted…
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