Do Agencies Require Bonds for Private Improvements?

When a developer is posting performance bonds before the construction of a new community, the agency whose jurisdiction the developer is building in will decide which improvements the developer should bond for.  Most bonded improvements are public, meaning they tie into an agency’s existing infrastructure system and will be maintained…
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CEQA Exemptions – Risky Business

Real estate development can be a risky proposition, especially if a proposed project is “unentitled” for the proposed end-use. The entitlement and permitting processes (i.e., securing the approvals to develop a property for the desired end-use), especially in California, are widely considered the main risk to a project’s success or…
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Let’s Talk Cost – Grading: Understanding the Art of the Balance

Balancing earthwork on a site can make or break a deal in land development. While there are multiple scenarios that make grading more difficult, such as groundwater, rock, fault zones, hazardous materials, and stabilizing slopes; there are ways to design and balance the site to make your project cost efficient.…
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Let’s Bond! – Typical Process for Bond Exoneration

All agencies have their own separate requirements that builders / developers must fulfill before their bonds on a project can be released.  For instance, depending on the location of a project within the County of Riverside, the County of Riverside Transportation Department could require an acceptance letter from the Eastern…
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We’d Love To Help! – The Basics: Keeping Track of Your Project Expenditures

A core question our firm receives all the time is, “What is the best strategy to manage our reimbursement packages and track our expenditures?” With each financing program [ex. Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF), Development Impact Fee (DIF), Community Facilities District (CFD), Road Bridge Benefit District (RBBD), etc.] and jurisdiction…
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Say Hello to HOA – Developer Services Deep Dive

Murow Development Consultants (Murow DC) has the experience, resources and team members (with over 45 industry professionals) to serve various aspects of a Homeowner Association Community.  We align our expertise with your needs to form a strategy to ensure the development team is supported and served well – from the…
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Say Hello to HOA – Murow Speaks HOA

Murow Development Consultants (Murow DC) have served many communities, utilizing our team of 45+ industry professionals, providing services for various aspects of a Homeowner Association.  Murow DC has several strategic segments, with one of those being a committed division for any and all items involving HOAs | Community Associations.  We…
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Dry Utilities Helpful Hint – Holiday Moratorium

With the holidays quickly approaching, the City of Los Angeles expects to experience heavier amounts of traffic flow throughout the city. In order to mitigate traffic buildup, they are enacting the Holiday Moratorium. If you have any construction being done in the public right of way, your project may be…
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