Dry Utilities Helpful Hint – LADWP Staging Area

For years, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has allowed for the transformer staging area to be located in the public right-of-way, but due to safety concerns, they are now asking for additional space inside private property. The staging area is in addition to the space and clearances…
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Know What’s Expected – Non-Responsive Bids

Ever heard of a bid being rejected for not being filled out on the correct form? It may seem unusual but in the world of Public Works bidding it is very common. The phrase Non-Responsive is extremely important when it comes to public bidding. What is a Responsive bid? Quite…
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Always Be Prepared – Prevailing Wage Determinations

When preparing for a project that falls under Prevailing Wage Requirements, it can sometimes feel like you need a secret decoder ring to decipher an employee’s Wage Determination. Hopefully we can clear up this mystery for you. Your project’s Wage Determination Period is determined by when the project was first…
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We’d Love to Help! – Key Processes of a Successful Reimbursement

There are several essential elements of a project with a public financing component – but none more important than the mandate of having to: adhere to public bidding requirements (to reinforce local competition and obtain competitive pricing), paying prevailing wages (evidence that all were paid properly), and maintaining accurate accounting…
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Let’s Bond! – Building Relationships with Agencies During Bond Exoneration

One of the most integral aspects of the bond exoneration process is building relationships with the employees at the agency listed as the obligee of the bond(s) for your project.  These relationships include inspectors, engineers planners, employees at the counter and anyone you meet associated with the project.  The importance…
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Just Ask Us! – Land Use Entitlement

Land use entitlement requires a wide array of knowledge, experience, and the ability to connect with people. The entitlement process will likely include a local jurisdiction, such as a City or County, or in some cases another entity such as a Port Authority, or possibly the Federal Government, or other…
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Leading the Pack – Benefits of a Constructability Review

What is Constructability Review? A constructability review is an independent and structured review of construction bid documents by construction professionals to make certain that the work requirements are clear, the documents are coordinated, and the documents aid the contractor in bidding, construction and project administration to result in minimal impacts…
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Dry Utilities Helpful Hint – SCE Rules Defined

The “Rules” of Edison (and other utility providers) are sets of policies and procedures established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Our Dry Utilities Division most commonly deals with Rules 15, 16, & 20.  Rule 15 – a Rule 15 is considered an extension of any electric distribution lines required…
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Building Relationships With Agencies During Bond Exoneration

One of the most integral aspects of the bond exoneration process is to build relationships with employees at the agency(s) that is the listed obligee of the bond(s) for your particular project.  These relationships include: inspectors, engineers, planners, employees at the counter – basically anyone you come in contact with…
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