5 Technologies that Construction Professionals Need to Be Investing In

How do construction professionals navigate the constant new trends in technology – knowing the different between a passing fad, or a new useful tool?  While most industry experts understand that the innovation taking place will be helpful overall, it can be overwhelming to find the right technology tools to invest in.…
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California Construction Industry

Health of California Construction Industry: April Edition

It is essential that construction industry professionals stay informed about the health of the construction market in their local areas.  The California Construction industry has a lot of factors that contribute to its success, and downturn.  Understanding the trends will assist industry experts in making informed decisions, anticipate the needs…
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What the Construction Industry Needs to Know About AB 199

What is the Purpose of the Bill? AB 199 is a bill by Assemblymember Chu, and labor union group, California Building and Construction Trades Council.  Ultimately, AB 199 could overturn the current law and mandate higher labor and housing costs on new apartments and housing in California. While the authors of…
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Grow Your Career as a Project Engineer

The strategy behind growing your career as a project engineer comes down to two things: managing your skills to manage a project the best that you can.  The construction industry is constantly innovating with new technologies, regulations and career directions that requires even the most experienced project engineer to be strategic…
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Practical Ways Ways to Mitigate Risk on Your Next Project

Risk management is always a key for a successful, smoothly running project.  One of the best ways to mitigate risk is to proactively be aware of the routines that could be plaguing your project objectives and leading to high levels or risk.  Here are six practical ways to mitigate risk on…
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Murow CM Construction Marketing

5 Trends for Construction Marketing in 2017

Construction marketing is an innovation that has taken over the industry, as companies strive to stand out in the impacted market.  A key element of success for marketing in the construction industry is staying aware of key trends and outlooks for the year.  The online environment is constantly evolving, and the…
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giving back

3 Ways For Your Construction Company to Give Back in 2017

Are you looking for a way to make your company stand out in the industry?  How about a solution that not only builds your business, but also builds your community?  Here are three steps to proactively give back in 2017. Step #1: Choose What Area To Give Back – and Research!…
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Construction Trends 2017

Top Construction Trends for 2017

In a post-election environment, with developers willing to experiment with new technologies and approaches for their businesses, change is the name of the game for the construction industry heading into 2017.  It is essential for the industry to keep an eye on these up-and-coming construction trends in order to best prepare…
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construction management job

5 Reasons To Pursue a Career in Construction Management

The construction industry has experienced overwhelming growth over the past decade.  Construction management careers, in particular, have been highly sought after as the construction industry begins to hit its stride once again.  According to the U.S. & World Report News “Best Construction Jobs” Rankings, construction management careers came in as…
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