Prevailing Wage Determinations

When preparing for a project that falls under Prevailing Wage Requirements, it can sometimes feel like we need a secret decoder ring to decipher an employee’s Wage Determination. Hopefully we can clear up this mystery for you. Your project’s Wage Determination Period is determined by when the project was first…
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Challenges to Prop 13 and What it Could Mean for Your Projects

What is Proposition 13? The People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation, passed in 1978, was a two-part populist revolt against trending tax-and-spend policies. Prop 13 capped property taxes at 1% of residential/commercial property value and annual increases of assessed value of real property at the inflation factor of 2%, while…
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What is a Gate System in Due Diligence

Murow Development Consultants provides Due Diligence services, also known as Feasibility, on a variety of projects for major Public & Private Residential Builders & Developers, Commercial & Industrial Builders & Developers, Equity & Debt Firms, Oil Companies, Land Owners, etc. We leverage our over four decades of experience & expertise…
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5 Habits of a Successful Construction Project Manager

Five Habits of a Successful Construction Project Manager Selecting the right Construction Project Manager for your construction plan can save you time, energy and money. You want to find someone with extensive experience, who understands your vision, and will work with you to create the best outcome. To ensure each…
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Why Hiring a Bond Exoneration Expert Matters

Why Hiring a Bond Exoneration Expert Matters Exonerating surety bonds can many times be an afterthought after construction projects are complete and homebuilders or developers have moved on to other projects.  When projects have not been formally turned over to the various agencies holding the bonds this exposes the parties…
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Why Hire An Expert Witness?

There are many benefits to hiring an expert witness. In fact, most would agree that it is most important to have an expert analyze the complexities of a construction case. This is because they are subject matter experts in the area being litigated. Hiring an expert witness can increase your…
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Best Construction Management Practices

Being vigilant with time and money are two of the main areas construction managers need to stay attentive to. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your projects moving along in a timely and efficient manner while avoiding costly delays. The best way to maintain the budget and schedule…
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