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5 Reasons To Pursue a Career in Construction Management

The construction industry has experienced overwhelming growth over the past decade.  Construction management careers, in particular, have been highly sought after as the construction industry begins to hit its stride once again.  According to the U.S. & World Report News “Best Construction Jobs” Rankings, construction management careers came in as…
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Lessons Learned Construction Murow CM

How to Maximize Lessons Learned At the End of a Project

Harnessing lessons learned as your construction projects draw to a close is essential for future successes.  More often than not, project managers do not spend nearly enough time compiling lessons learned, and they miss out on the insights that could drastically maximize the efficiency of future projects. In the age…
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Murow CM Construction Managment

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Construction Management Services

So… do you keep all your work in-house, or do you outsource and hire construction management consultants?  That is the question that builders, developers and property management companies find themselves going back and forth between as they navigate their growing projects. However, companies that are interested in minimizing their risk and…
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Worksite Safety

3 Ways to Improve Worksite Safety Without Compromising Your Efficiency

Worksite safety is always a number one priority.  However, being efficient and completing projects promptly are also essential.  So, how do you allow your team to work smarter and improve worksite safety overall?  Here are three ways to improve worksite safety, without compromising your efficiency. 1. Make Sure Safety Training…
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Project Delays, Rain, Construction, Project Managment

10 Ways to Avoid Weather Related Project Delays

While the weatherman may not always be 100% accurate, it is nearly a guarantee that your projects will be impacted by inclement weather at some point in time.  As construction industry professionals, it is our job to at least proactively mitigate many of the dalys by understanding the weather patterns…
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contractor mistakes

Top 10 Common Scheduling Mistakes Made By Contractors

When going through the scheduling process of a project, it is important to understand what makes things go right… and what things could go wrong!  Many delays, disruptions, and loss of productivity claims are lost or substantially reduced in value because mistakes, errors and carelessness are reflected in the original…
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Construction Recycling Murow

Are You Recycling These 5 Items at Your Jobsites? You Should Be.

According to the Construction Materials Recycling Association (, the construction industry generates 325 million tons of waste in the United States each year that could have been recycled. With a growing population and an aging infrastructure, it comes as no surprise that construction and demolition sites are among the largest…
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independent contractor

3 Reasons to Hire an Independent Contractor Over Hiring An Employee

As business booms and you begin to require more resources, a common question is asked: how do I know when to hire an independent contractor?  The decision between hiring an additional employee or utilizing an independent contractor can be a challenging one, laden with lots of logistical questions.  It is important…
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Prop 51 and Construction Professionals

3 Things The Construction Professionals Should Know About Prop 51

Election years can be stressful; especially when you are trying to decipher the propositions that will have a strong impact on your industry.  Proposition 51 is exactly that for construction professionals.  We broke it down to the three things construction professionals should know about Prop 51. About Prop 51 Proposition 51…
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